Discount groceries

Discount groceries

I was browsing a few frugal/thrifty living sites, and discount grocery stores came up several times.  Discount stores, not as in Walmart and the like, but as in salvage, “dent and bent”, outdated, and overstock.  I was disappointed to only find one such store in my state, but I did find one highly recommended mini-chain (3 outlets) a short drive away in the next state.  They undergo regular health inspections, so I wasn’t worried about finding things snuggled under fuzzy green blankets 😛


The building is fairly non-descript, and pretty small, but see that the other 2 locations are larger, and the company is building a new, much larger store closer to me.  It was tucked behind another store, not easily visible from the street, so I was glad I had scoped it out on Google Maps beforehand.  Parked, left the hubby in the car, and in I went.


I didn’t grab a cart, intending to just look around, but I ended up grabbing a basket.  Partway down the first aisle, I’m glad I did.  After a wander through all 4 aisles, the produce/bread/potato chips room, and the chiller room, here’s what I got:

  • Fresh blueberries, 11 oz. – $1.79
  • Fit Patties – chicken and vegetable protein, Island Teriyaki flavor, 4 pcs – $1.29
  • Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar cheese, 7 oz. – $2.29
  • 2 jars of Sharwood’s tikka paste, $0.50 each – $1.00
  • Red Fork Sweet Hickory Chicken BBQ simmer sauce – $0.25
  • One beef stick (my treat!) – $0.59
  • Saffron Road Harissa summer sauce – $1.29
  • Vintage Italia Spicy Tomato Herb pasta chips, 5 oz. – $1.09
  • Bag of Sahale Sing Buri cashews, 5 oz. – $1.99
  • Burt’s Guinness Rich Chili thick cut potato chips, 5.3 oz. – $1.19
  • Barbara’s Snackimals chocolate crisp cereal – $0.99
  • A bottle of Hint water (hubby’s treat) – $0.49
  • Horizon organic shells and white cheddar – $0.99
  • Seeds of Change organic tikka masala sauce, 12 oz. – $1.79
  • Branston pickle, 360g – $2.09
  • Campbell’s Slow Kettle creamy broccoli cheddar bisque soup, 15 oz. – $0.99
  • Diet Snapple peach iced tea K-cups, 12 ct. – $3.99
  • Diet Snapple lemon iced tea K-cup, 12 ct. – FREE (Snapple K-cups were BOGOF)
  • 3 pouches of Blue Dragon General Tao (that’s how they spell it) simmer sauce – $1.00
  • Boulder Canyon turkey and gravy flavored kettle chips, 5 oz. – $1.29
  • Sun-Bird fried rice seasoning – $0.29


Grand total?  $26.68.  Some was out of date, most of it wasn’t.  This past week’s income vs outgo was pretty snug, so being able to stretch the food dollar was a welcome relief.  I haven’t come across any off-tasting items in what we’ve consumed – the beef stick was fine, the Guinness chips tasty, the Hint water as advertised, and the lemon iced tea lemony.  I have to attack some leftover curry for lunch, but dinner will be the shells and white cheddar, seasoned with some homemade dry ranch seasoning and bulked out with sweet peas ($0.50 a can at Safeway last week).  The hubs will probably have some frozen veggies, steamed and tossed with some of the Blue Dragon sauce.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to nibble some Kerrygold cheddar :-)