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Thrifty Recipe Test: Raisin Pancakes

Thrifty Recipe Test: Raisin Pancakes

Sometimes, the ADHD gets the best of me, and I end up following the Internet’s rabbit trails.  In my “On This Day” flashbacks on Facebook the other day, I came across an article from a couple years back from the Daily Mail, an English newspaper, on a woman who had a food budget of £1 a day.  That’s a whopping $1.44 as of today (and about $1.60 when the article was published).  I’m always looking for ways to save money on food while still eating reasonably nutritiously, so I decided to have a go at some of the recipes on that woman’s blog, Thrifty Lesley.  First off, her first recipe, raisin pancakes for 8p ($0.12) per serving, with the recipe serving 2 people.


80g raisins
100g flour
Pinch of salt
Half a tsp sugar

Serves 2

Mix all the ingredients together with enough water to make a thick batter. Heat a frying pan and add some oil. When the oil is hot, drop spoonfuls of raisiny batter into the pan and cook over a low heat until set, flip over and cook the other side.

Share the pancakes out between 2 people


Now, these aren’t your big fluffy pancakes like you’d get at IHOP or Denny’s.  These are smaller, almost kid-sized pancakes.  I ate them with my fingers, dipped in some maple flavored agave syrup.  I didn’t have any raisins on hand, so I used bits of dried apples and pears.  I only used about 30g, though – if I’d used 80g of apples and pears, the pancakes would have been solid chunks of fruit!  I’ll try these again, but with a little more sugar.


My cost breakdown:

$0.11 = Approx. 3.5 oz of flour at $0.031/oz
$0.01 = Pinch of salt
$0.01 = 1/2 tsp sugar
$0.15 = Dried fruit

Total = $0.28 for 2 servings.  Well, one serving for me, since I was hungry :-)   It wasn’t bad.  I’ll remember to take and share pictures the next time I make these!