Q&A: Adding music to an iPod

Q&A: Adding music to an iPod
Q&A: Adding music to an iPod

Introducing a YouTube series on “How To Load Music On Your iDevice”!

Reader Sue asks:

I have an iphone, and I have an ipod. I would love to put my music on my iphone.
How do I do this?
do people still use IPODS?  Am I old-fashioned?

No, you’re not old fashioned!  Like you, I have an iPhone, but I also have two iPods of varying vintages that are still in service and still get used regularly.  My original 5GB iPod – the one that came out in 2002 with the black and white screen and click wheel – is a backup audio source at The Hubs’ church.  My other iPod – fall 2006 vintage – is in service at the offices of Smiling Dog Systems.


It’s not too hard to change and/or add music to your iDevice (iPod or iPhone).  I’m starting a YouTube video tutorial series on how to do this.  Bookmark this post, and I’ll add the videos here as I create them!


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