Q&A: Homemade Bacon Bits

Q&A: Homemade Bacon Bits
Q&A: Homemade Bacon Bits

Reader Tish asks:


I have 12 pounds of bacon in my freezer – I would like to fry some and make it into “bits” and store it. Any handy tips on how to keep it from turning into a big bacon ball?


12 pounds of bacon?!?!  You know where I live – why haven’t you come over yet?  😉  Well, here’s how you can make your own bacon bits!

Is there anything bacon can’t do?


Hey, guess what?  Bacon bits are easy to make!  Just a few easy steps will turn a pound of bacon into a tasty tasty jar of bacon bits.


Bacon and Breville

I used my trusty Breville grill to cook the bacon.  This is a panini grill with flat plates – VERY handy!  The grill fits 5-6 strips of bacon at a time, so it took 3 rounds to cook a pound of bacon to crispy perfection.  Feel free to cook the bacon however you usually do!

Round 1

After each round was cooked, I let it sit on a paper towel-covered plate to soak up any extra grease and to let the bacon cool off and dry up a bit more.

Cooked and drying

After I cooked all the bacon and let it cool off, I snipped the bacon into small pieces with my trusty kitchen scissors and put it in my mini food processor, about 4 slices of pieces at a time.

Small pieces of bacony goodness

Run the food processor until the bacon is in bacon bit-sized pieces.  It took 30-45 seconds for me.  I collected the processed  bits in a bowl until they were all done.


A bowl of shredded happiness

Just eyeballing this bowl of yummy goodness, I could tell that I had more than a half pint jar’s worth, but less than a pint.  Lucky thing, I bought a flat of 12-ounce jars last weekend!  In the jar the bits went, and in the fridge the jar went, awaiting that happy day when they journey to our tummies :-)   Be sure to store your bacon bits in the fridge or freezer so they don’t turn into a nasty science experiment!  Perhaps I’ll add them the next time I make flatbread pizza?

Mmmmm, tasty goodness :-)