Today’s project: Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam

Today’s project: Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam
Today’s project: Sweet Cherry Vanilla Jam

I picked up some sweet cherries for a FANTASTIC price – $1.99/lb.!  I haven’t been able to touch cherries for less than $5 a pound until now, and the sales have been around $3 a pound, so my $2 a pound was too good to pass up.  I’ve got 4.5 pounds of gorgeous sweet cherries from Sprouts Farmers Market.  BTW, if you have a Sprouts in your neck of the woods, GO!  They have fabulous prices on produce, really good looking meat, and a wide variety of other natural, organic, and conventional products.

I found this recipe for sweet cherry vanilla jam and thought I’d give it a try.  

Cherries from Sprouts

Washed and drained

Stems and pits removed, cherries quartered

One vanilla bean, split lengthwise

See those dark brown chunks? That’s the vanilla seeds that have been scraped from the inside of the bean.

The rest of the ingredients ready to go – lemon juice, sugar, butter, and pectin

Cherries, vanilla, and pectin starting to boil

Add the sugar …

… And bring to a boil again

The jars have been prepped

Fish out the vanilla bean “skin” from the cooked jam

Jars are filled

Lids on

Into the water bath canner

Not quite half a pint left over, so I capped that jar and put it in the fridge


Out of the bath


Some of the leftovers on a piece of English muffin toast


Tasty stuff!  Be sure to check out the recipe and follow either the conventional instructions, or the Jam and Jelly Maker instructions if you have that gadget from Ball.


Cherries came from Sprouts Farmers Market

Vanilla bean came from Big Hollow Food Co-Op

I used Ball RealFruit Classic Pectin